These are the people that are at the foundation of the PEACEDAY365 program. 


With deep roots in brand development through advertising and marketing, Kelly has a talent for bringing together the precise elements to any communication strategy that can best serve clients in identifying practical and creative solutions. With a love for the creative and strategy process itself, she is clearly delighted when the right chord is struck that reveals the strategic direction that will connect a client’s brand or message with their audience. Whatever stage or state a client’s brand is in, she has found that it is a huge opportunity to discover the sometimes elusive, and sometimes obvious potential and spark that connects a brand with its audience in a valuable and measurable way.  

Being introduced to the United Nations International Day of Peace (Peace Day) sparked the extraordinary opportunity to empower youth while collaborating with non-govermental organizations (NGOs) and the business community to promote global citizenship and peace education while highlighting the UN endeavor of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Jean trudel

Jean Trudel is an award winning producer/director and produced many "Docu-Variety Specials" for television. It was while doing research for a documentary film that he was introduced to the International Day of Peace and discovered that it was not being promoted in Canada. He put his film aside and created Cercle de Paix/Circle of Peace, a Canadian NGO promoting the International Day of Peace and a "Culture of Peace" as defined by UNESCO. 


Education programs coordinator at the Social Justice Connection since 2013, founder of Educonnexion, and Quebec's first youth mentorship program for responsible global citizenship. He oversees the work of close to a hundred volunteers on projects in CSR, youth mentorship, and pedagogical activities creation, research in human rights, etc. 

He facilitates 40-80 workshops yearly, presented in colleges, universities, and to roughly 20 international solidarity organizations, on topics such as law and human rights, advocacy strategies, program development, international trade, global responsible citizenship. BA, International Relations and International Law; LLM. Master’s International Law (Chinese Law Specialization). Co-director/editor of the first Code of International law on International Organizations; Associate Editor of the Quebec Journal of International Law, a peer reviewed publication.

He has been the facilitator and coordinator for the Montreal Peace Bus for students attending the United Nations International Day of Peace Student Observance since 2013 and presented at the UN International Day of Peace Student Observance Day. He recently received the prestigious “Walk the Talk” award from the Centre for Community Organizations, and the Community Leadership award from Montreal Community Cares Foundation. 

Richard Hine

Richard has spent 25+ years in advertising and media, copywriting, developing advertising campaigns, launching new products and managing brands. He is also a published novelist and served as ghostwriter on the 2009 book Survive to Thrive by former Interpublic Group CEO Phil Geier. Career roles include Vice President, Marketing, at The Wall Street Journal, where he oversaw the launch of The Journal’s Weekend Edition; Vice President, Publisher, TIME Latin America; and Marketing Director, TIME International. 

Eric Van Den Brulle

As an award-winning graphic designer, photographer and cinematographer Eric’s work spans through a wide range of mediums from high profile advertising, web and print and in industries from fashion to corporate and well beyond. His graphic design work has been honored in many industry periodicals, as is his photography, which has been selected numerous times for inclusion in the prestigious Communication Arts and American Photography annual awards publications. Through his career he has worked as a photo-assistant to celebrity photographer, Annie Leibovitz, as well as with Liz Claiborne, Estee Lauder, NBC, and Forbes. His current client list includes Michael Kors, MOMA, Merck Medco, JP Morgan Chase, and Lincoln Centre. 


Business Partners


The Peace Day Global Broadcast, the official UN Peace Day broadcast had programming over Peace Day that was well received last year with over 850,000 views.

Brian Communications

Advertising, communications and PR agency. Assisting in the campaign and social outreach development for the 2015 International Day of Peace.


Microsite & content capsule developers. International Day of Peace content partners. 

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