Why PeaceDay365?

Peace Day should be every day. And in bringing peace education to the forefront all year round, continuing our collaborations and bridging our networks, PeaceDay365 will go far beyond Peace Day. 

Peace education and global citizenship are at the forefront of creating a world we all want to be a part of. Business and the economy of peace are intertwined like never before. Therefore, peace education is at the heart of the collaboration of our partners. There isn’t a need to reinvent the wheel when the peace educators, young global citizens and so many excellent programs, including many existing United Nations initiatives, already exist; and we can support them by partnering with businesses and communities while providing tremendous measurable impact on the economy and future. PeaceDay365 is a program uniquely positioned to maximize those collaborations.

Throughout the year, PeaceDay365 will be alongside our partners helping to create international cities of peace: growing peace education through workshops, bringing youth and communities together through innovation, and extending technology and proven methodologies. The aim is to increase awareness by educating, informing, inspiring and, of course, partnering, to bring long-term solutions to the ever-growing need for global citizenship and peace education on a worldwide scale.  

The PeaceDay365 program was created to:

  • Raise awareness and engagement of the International Day of Peace (Peace Day) on September 21
  • Provide participants/stakeholders/audience with avenues to pursue Peace Day activities and peace education programs
  • Raise funds to support the collective efforts of the above

The business community and brands are in an extraordinary position to bring awareness to peace and peace education both with their external audiences and within their companies. The effects multiply to help create a sound business environment contributing to global citizenship, as well as the bottom line.

Economic development, business and peace are interlinked. Peace is conducive to business, and areas free of conflict are attractive to business investors. At the same time, business can play a key decisive role in building and strengthening global peace through job and wealth creation.”  - Camilla Schippa, Institute for Economics & Peace

By partnering with PeaceDay365, brands and businesses are opened up to an extensive global network of non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGO) numbering in the thousands and partnering with strategic alliances. The United Nations in the Post 2015 Development Agenda is further encouraging partnerships to emphasize and highlight that “It’s Your World”. Based in New York, PeaceDay365 is in the unique position to assist in connecting the dots. Original, inspiring content can be shared and distributed across platforms on a global scale.